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External Scan

Genesis Platform's External Scan offers an attacker's perspective by intelligently scanning third parties. It evaluates DNS, misconfigurations, encryption, breaches, and fraudulent domains for a comprehensive understanding of potential risks.

Due Diligence

Genesis Platform redefines due diligence by replacing email exchanges with automated questionnaires. Choose from standard templates like CAIQ, SIG, CIS Control, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, or customize your own to align with your organization's needs.


Continuous Monitoring

Genesis Platform's Continuous Monitoring ensures no risk goes unnoticed. It continuously tracks the cybersecurity health of onboarded third parties, providing real-time updates on your dashboard for prompt response to changes in risk scores.


A method used by organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of their internal controls, often involving employee participation.


Measures proposed by CIS to safeguard organizations from prevalent cyber threats.


Toolset by Shared Assessments Program for standardized third-party risk assessments, managing vendor risk effectively.

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Genesis assists businesses in identifying and reducing their attack surface while also managing and collaborating with third parties

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